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We Ship from Monday to Friday and order place during the weekend will be shipped next Monday. We provide only the tracking when its working, NO RESHIP WHITOUT TRACKING. We ship every order out whiting 24 ours (except weekend)


GERMANY – Germany 1/4 days GERMANY – Europa 3-7 days GERMANY – World wide 6-25 days PACK METHODE we use 2x vacuum seal`d and mylar on top for no smell at all (silver bag) Everything is Vacuum sealed Everything is Mylar packed Everything is Alcohol Cleaned powders pills crystals VACUUM and MYLAR always no SMELL REFUND POLICY

0-5 DEALS – 0% refund or 0% reship 5-10 deals – 25% refund or 50% reship 10-50 deals – 50% refund or 100% reship (with acceptable feedback)