Durban Poison Strain


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Durban Poison is a very potent pure Sativa that originated in Durban, South Africa. It is known for its sweet aroma and a sweet, somewhat earthy or skunky flavor. It is great for daytime use as it provides an uplifting, energetic, and creative effect.

This strain can also be a creeper with effects lasting up to three hours. Great when you need to be productive and active, but not recommended for beginners due to its potency.

Many patients give positive feedback when using this strain to alleviate stress or depression. It is also effective for migraines and other pain. Will likely cause dry mouth and eyes.

Durban Poison is a popular strain for making concentrates, as it is loaded with resinous trichomes. All in all, a highly recommended Sativa.

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Marijuana can be smoked as a cigarette (joint), but may also be smoked in a dry pipe or a water pipe known as a “bong.” It can also be mixed with food and eaten or brewed as tea. These are called “edibles” and are covered in detail later in this booklet. Sometimes users open up cigars and remove the tobacco, replacing it with pot—called a “blunt.” Joints and blunts are sometimes laced with other, more powerful drugs, such as crack cocaine or PCP (phencyclidine, a powerful hallucinogen).

When a person inhales the smoke from a joint or a pipe, he usually feels its effect within minutes. The immediate sensations—increased heart rate, lessened coordination and balance, and a “dreamy,” unreal state of mind—peak within the first 30 minutes. These short term effects usually wear off in two to three hours, but they could last longer, depending on how much the user takes, the potency of THC and the presence of other drugs added into the mix.



Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world. There is an ever-growing gap between the latest science about marijuana and the myths surrounding it. Some people think that since it is legal in some places, it must be safe. But your body doesn’t know a legal drug from an illegal drug. It only knows the effect the drug creates once you have taken it. The purpose of this publication is to clear up some of the misunderstandings about pot.

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